Fatima Centre is an NGO working for abused women and orphaned children in the country of Malawi.


Our mission is to change the lives of such women and children and to help them to become self-sufficient members of their society.

We provide the children with long-term care, which includes basic needs, healthcare, education and skills necessary to transform them into responsible citizens. There will also be a sanctuary for abused women where they can acquire skills in farming, carpentry, sewing, and baking. This will give them the strength and courage they need to regain their confidence.


Our first and foremost objective is to complete the infrastructure. This includes:

Digging deep-water wells, installing solar panels, building dormitories, staff quarters, a running track, a sewing centre, a library, and a dispensary.

We would also like to run an on-site bakery, manage a farm, and at later stage we would like to offer after school activities for the children.

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